Case Study: MMM Healthcare Simplifies Its Contact Centre Operations

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This case study looks into how MMM Healthcare is simplifying contact centre operations with unification, real-time guidance and automation.

About MMM Healthcare

MMM Healthcare, a sister company of InnovaCare, has been one of the leading plans in health services under the Medicare Advantage segment in Puerto Rico.

When MMM began in Puerto Rico, roughly 20 years ago, it implemented a new way of meeting the health needs of the Medicare and Medicaid beneficiary population by establishing the Medicare Advantage segment on the Island for the first time.

Growth and success in the business over time has contributed to complexity in the contact centre.

With over 12 separate systems for servicing customers, the contact centre leadership engaged with Jacada to simplify, unify, guide and automate the numerous systems for their contact centre agents.

The goal in this engagement is to improve efficiency and experience for both their agents and their customers for customer servicing engagements.

MMM Healthcare’s Approach to Simplifying the Contact Centre

Jacada is helping MMM simplify contact centre operations with real-time agent guidance, task automation and desktop unification to boost efficiencies and outcomes. 

They integrated 12 core systems into a single unified application and replaced a legacy case management application. The now integrated case management drives improved process compliance and SLA management across the workforce.  

Member 360 view, interaction history, alerts, care gaps, and next best action are all benefits of the Jacada solution.

Real-time agent-assist guides customer service representatives through the entire interaction and now dispositioning and after-call work are automated, saving agents a significant amount of time. 

The Results

  • Minutes, not Days: Agents use automated workflows and assist members in real time, eliminating the need for back-office work and follow-ups 
  • Average handle time (AHT) had been reduced by 2 minutes 
  • 33% reduction in training time due to the simplification of the agents workspace and automation of processes 
  • Member experience improved due to the new personalized and prompt service experience 

What’s Next?

The benefits that have been proven in production have motivated the Jacada client to expand these solutions to other regional locations, including a United States-based office in Orlando, Florida.

The customer service representatives at the Florida office are currently utilizing the unified desktop and have expressed interest in expanding the capabilities to include guidance and automation sometime soon.

This case study has been re-published by kind permission of Jacada

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Published On: 30th Oct 2020 - Last modified: 30th Sep 2022
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