Over 50% of Customer Interactions Come Through Digital Channels

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NICE has announced the results of a new survey amongst customer experience (CX) leaders.

Findings confirm consumers favour the use of digital channels when interacting with service providers.

Entitled “Customer Service Leadership in a New Reality”, the new survey showcases the path CX leaders plan to take to drive agility into their contact centres to deliver on customer expectations.

The survey also affirms the role of a cloud-native platform foundation as a critical enabler for maintaining ongoing seamless business continuity mandated by today’s reality of remote work.

Digital Channels Are Central to Today’s Customer Service Environment

NICE’s new survey conducted among over 200 CX leaders at leading contact centres highlights seven key data points.

Key among them is the rapid acceleration in the overwhelming popularity of digital channels among consumers.

51 percent of leaders indicated that half or more of their interactions are currently being handled through digital channels (e.g. chat, email, social network).

Work-From-Home Is Widely Acknowledged as Part of the New Reality

79 percent of the CX leaders surveyed indicated that agents working from home are performing as well as or better than in the office.

While the practice of working from home was not prevalent pre-pandemic owing to concerns of employee focus, survey findings show a higher comfort level by CX leaders for this practice.

76 percent of leaders polled said agents prefer to work from home, and 43 percent of CX leaders said they plan to keep 50 percent or more of their agents working at home in the future.

A Cloud Foundation Is Recognized as a Critical Enabler of Work-From-Home and Business Agility

The survey also looked at the infrastructure aspects of work from home, highlighting the key components that make it possible for service organizations.

74 percent of CX leaders claimed they are already or plan to be cloud-based across their entire contact centers.

85 percent also said that they plan to invest in upgrading their contact centre with technologies that enhance agility, such as AI and performance management, as well as capabilities driving personalized connections and unified channels.

71 percent of CX leaders also indicated they plan to implement desktop guidance and automation, which they consider an agility booster.

Eran Liron, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Development, NICE, said: “Customer service organizations have been on a fast track to respond to current needs, including ensuring service continuity with a dispersed workforce, supporting accelerated customer requests via direct channels and more.”

“This new survey shows that CX leaders have made their 2021 priorities clear, with cloud and digital at the forefront.”

“The findings reinforce NICE’s viewpoint of AI-based Digital Cloud solutions as THE path for customer service success, and our strategy of making them easily accessible to organizations of all sizes.”

To download the infographic, which includes the results from the survey, click here!

For further information about NICE’s contact centre solutions, visit: www.nice.com

Published On: 9th Dec 2020 - Last modified: 15th Dec 2020
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