Case Study: Delta Dental Washington Implement a New Knowledge Base

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This case study explores how Delta Dental Washington deployed a new contact centre knowledge system and strategically improved customer service and employee experience.


Delta Dental Washington is part of America’s largest dental benefits carrier, covering 3.6 million patients every year across the state.

With technology evolving over the years they realized their current tools did not meet the demands of their ever-growing knowledge base. Their prior experience with knowledge management was very siloed within individual departments.

Their existing user interface was outdated and not user friendly, with agents relying on keywords and folder locations they committed to memory. The documents were not much more than lengthy text documents.

Lighthouse made it easy to get information updates and drive changes to processes and policies very quickly.

Stacy Maplesden, Automation Solutions Manager, Delta Dental of Washington


With a timeframe of just a few weeks due to COVID-19, Delta Dental was tasked with migrating their call centre from 100% on-site to work from home only. Their existing communication channels and tools were not meeting the need for agility for such a large migration of their workforce.

Their system was complicated and only a few content managers had access to it, meaning there was a lack of consistency and skill level. This made it very difficult for anyone to support other authors and managers.

The system limited them in content changes. With their entire workforce being sent home, Delta Dental was in need of an online solution that was flexible, agile and provided them with a way to be consistent in delivering content so that agents could access information and continue to provide service to customers.

With the pandemic sending the workforce remote, this also meant that they needed a system that would require minimal training time for their employees.


Delta Dental chose KMS Lighthouse as it felt like the most agile, flexible and easy-to-use use interface as their new knowledge base.

The communication tool within KMS opened up the possibility of creating a hub for the agents to access everything they needed, a means for their supervisors to better support them and ensure they had seen the communication.

The permission tool options also gave them the added benefit of a system where everyone would only see the information that was relevant to them.

Lighthouse made it not only possible but easy to get information updates, changes to processes and policies out to their agents quickly.

Now they can ensure that all agents can see updates and changes instantly and can identify those that may have missed important information.

They also wanted to keep their options open for the future where other self-serve tools could be pulled from the content in KMS Lighthouse. They are now able to really focus on what the agents need rather than delivering content we don’t even know if they will use.

Delta Dental are able to fine-tune the search expressions and see which items are not being used. The system has provided them with better insight on the work habits of employees in different roles, the type of information they need, and how they prefer it to be presented.

This has allowed them to better serve the agents that rely on the content.

Our partnership has been very rewarding, with outstanding support from the entire team at KMS Lighthouse. We have gotten more out of it than we could have imagined. We are looking forward to a long-term partnership and the possibility of integrating additional solutions.

Stacy Maplesden

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Published On: 6th Apr 2021
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