Designing Omni-Channel Customer Service Experiences

THE DATE: 18 July 2017

THE LOCATION: Blue Fin Venue, South Bank, London

THE DESCRIPTION: Channel choice is now considered essential by customers who expect to move between channels and devices at will: based on any number of factors such as the complexity of a service task or the situation they find themselves in. However few organisations know how to meet this strategic challenge or how to practically design the right customer experiences.

This masterclass delivers a new practical approach to delivering low effort, multi-channel customer experiences. Design principles are based on how customers actually behave and what they expect as core service experiences.

This requires us to understand channels in terms of their unique strengths and weaknesses and when each is best used. These insights allow us to move on from simply preferring one against another based on an arbitrary transactional cost. Underpinning all this is an overarching design goal of delivering service effectiveness.

Overview Agenda

  • Latest research on consumer omni-channel behaviour
  • How to track your customer’s digital profile and establish willingness to use new channels
  • A unique omni-channel design framework used to increase user adoption of digital channels
  • Design principles that facilitate intelligent deployment of voice, video and text
  • A detailed review of the latest voice, video and text service channels

The Cost: £595 – Early bird pricing and group discounts are available. Money back guarantee. Please enquire if you prefer an on-site version.

THE ORGANISERS: Brainfood Consulting



Published On: 16th Jun 2017
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