Recorded Webinar: Three Strategies to Maximise Outbound Dialling


Webinar on ways to maximise predictive dialers and stay compliant.

There are three strategies that you can adopt which will help you maximise the power of outbound dialling. This webinar will let you in on the secrets of creating an effective, integrated and compliant dialler strategy.


  • Introductions – Jonty Pearce, Editor, Call Centre Helper
  • Maximise outbound dialling – Luke Talbot, Product Manager, Azzurri Communications
  • Smart ways to dial – Rob Escott, Business Analytics Manager, Vanquis Bank
  • Outbound dialling/ dialling under compliance  – Rufus Grig, CTO, Azzurri Communications
  • Top tips for outbound dialling – All the tips from the audience have now been turned into an article Top tips for outbound dialling

Winning tip – “Games, interacts whole team, booby prizes along with wine, free lunches etc. up for grabs. Balls of steel (ideal for smaller teams):  each agent had 5 balls, when a sale is made, that agent gets to take another’s ball. Agent with most balls at the end of the days gets a dip in the box and pulls out a booby prize or a winning prize. Great laugh and  simple to keep everyone happy. This game is very popular and effective in my team.” Samantha

  • Interactive Q&A – Live questions from the audience

Topics to be discussed

  • Smart ways to dial
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Blending outbound and inbound
  • Campaign blending
  • Using call-backs
  • The benefits of a multi-skilled workforce
  • Intelligent dialler data
  • The Ofcom regulations
  • Productivity under compliance
  • Interactive questions and answers

Original Webinar date: October 2012

Questions Asked by Attendees

1. I thought that the retry rule after a silent call is actually 72 hours? Have I got that wrong

The 72-hour rule is for abandoned calls, whereby you cannot dial the customer again within 72 hours unless you can guarantee their call will be handled by a live agent (a reserved agent). The new rule refers specifically to calls classified as Answerphones using AMD. Because of the possibility of a false positive, which is effectively an abandoned/silent call as far as the customer is concerned, you are not allowed to call the customer again within 24 hours without reserving an agent, the same as for the 72-hour rule.

2. How did you determine “hot leads go stale after 5mins” –  we’ve experienced some resistance to real-time dialling, i.e. phoning too quickly and getting push back as customers haven’t had an opportunity to digest the quotes and info. This was especially true with aggregator data where customers have a list of prices and policies to digest.

I see your point – the key is that each campaign and demographic will have its own variables. The 5 minutes in our example was taken from car insurance sales from a number of our customers.

3. With the Vanquis best time to contact data, what is the time period between capturing customer data and outbound call, e.g. if they accept an insurance policy how many days until this gets loaded into an outbound list? We have a campaign where we contact new policy holders about 9 to 15 days into their policy

Vanquis best time to call attempts to work out the optimum call time for accounts in a collections situation, rather than to work out how quickly after an event to contact a customer.  In our industry contact within the first day is standard.

4. Do you use any personal data to determine best time to call? Working-age customers we find are best contacted in the evening

We have found that the correlation between past activity and propensity to answer a call is far stronger than that between demographics and contact rates.  Demographics give an indication of the likelihood of a given population answering a call, prior account/individual level data gives an indication of an individual answering the call.

5. With the advent of SIP technology do you see the IP messaging helping in the detection of network answerphones?

Network AMD is something that the industry is investigating, but a lot of things sit in the way, not least of all the network operators themselves, who as it stands benefit from customers using their voicemail.

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 24th Oct 2012 - Last modified: 6th Apr 2021
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