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Kelly Services and Sytel have combined to provide a hosted solution to support Kelly’s growth plans in Russia.

Kelly’s contact centre model has been replaced by a multichannel and multi-tenant solution, hosted within their private cloud.

The new system will allow Kelly to conduct interviews, recruitment services and personnel management solutions throughout Russia.

“As we look to the future, we need the flexibility to respond to the ever-growing challenges and opportunities for growth and diversification in this dynamic market place. Sytel gives us that flexibility,”  said Yury Efrosinin, Kelly Operations Director.

With software installed on servers in Nizhny Novgorod connecting to agents in Moscow, Smolensk and St. Petersburg, Kelly’s personnel services require effective balancing of all inbound and outbound traffic.

Sytel’s automated blending enables this. It allows us to adapt quickly to business needs, managing our resources in the most cost-effective way, and getting the best value from our agents’ time,” added Efrosinin.

The agility of the Sytel hosted solution enables us to respond quickly to our daily challenges.”

“Everything from large, complex agent scripts to reporting metrics, to IVR flow can be tailored to our unique situation and updated on the fly. This allows us to stay on top of any rapid changes and deliver best value for our customers.”

Kelly develops and uses its own specialist CRM systems and integrating Sytel with their CRM systems has been a quick and easy process.

“Because Sytel expose a clean, clear and comprehensive API set, this gives us a robust integration that we can extend as the business requires,” concluded Efrosinin.


Michael McKinlay

Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay commented: “We are delighted to be responding to Kelly’s challenging needs. Their growth plans are no longer held back by technology.”

“Sytel’s software lets them expand and customize easily, adding new functionality, integrating with other applications as they need and having the capacity to easily add new contact centre locations whenever and wherever they need. Expansion and adaptability are in our software’s DNA.”

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 3rd Dec 2019 - Last modified: 14th Jul 2023
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