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Looking into Creating a Nesting Area

I work in a government call center of around 80 staff. We are looking into creating a Nesting area as we are hiring a lot lately. Nesting is generally reserved for new hires but we also want to use it as support for struggling staff. If an agent is not performing well we plan on placing them back into nesting for a better hands on support and more development. I am looking for a different term then nesting so if a agent is put into nesting it wont sound so bad.. Something like “Training and development zone” or something less cheesy then that… can anyone come up with a creative term. Something that encompasses development, training, support and growth??

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Development Centre

Previous employer used a Development Centre. Any new hires went through this before moving out to teams, usually after about 11 weeks. They also opened it up to volunteers from long standing agents, so they could ask to go down into the DC for a period to understand new products, improve on a focus area etc, or just try and improve themselves. There were a set number of places available, so it could b controlled in terms of impact on staffing, and anyone in the DC would receive extra coaching and support during their stay – they had to have a goal they were trying to achieve in a set time.

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Awesome answer, thanks for the feedback 😉

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Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 27th Apr 2022
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