Playvox Announces AutoQA

Standard quality control certification assurance guarantee.

Playvox has announced AutoQA. The new AI-based SaaS product, which improves the efficiency of Quality Assurance (QA) efforts, is the result of Playvox’s acquisition of Prodsight and its integration into the award-winning Playvox Quality Management platform.

Playvox has an ambitious plan to roll out a comprehensive approach to quality automation that includes automatic topic identification, compliance score generation, and ultimately, direct automated scoring into a customer’s existing form.

Currently, many customer service and support organizations can only manually analyze a small percentage of customer interactions.

While reviewing 2-5% of interactions may help organizations understand critical issues, it leaves many companies to question what they are missing and how they can drive more insight and efficiency from their quality management process.

It also may cause agents unneeded stress about whether their managers have a limited view of their performance and miss the amazing work they’re doing for customers most of the time.

AutoQA improves the efficiency and effectiveness of Quality Assurance efforts by extending visibility across 100% of support interactions.

Playvox will release AutoQA in phases, beginning with sentiment scoring across 100% of customer support interactions, conveniently accessible from within the Playvox Quality Management solution.

AutoQA enables customer service agents to gain insight into all digital interactions, including email, chat, and social, with a customer sentiment score.

AutoQA’s Sentiment Reports indicate a positive, neutral, or negative customer sentiment based on automated interaction analyses.

With sentiment analysis as a proven predictive indicator of customer satisfaction, it provides additional information that many customer service teams do not have today. Companies may also use AutoQA to benchmark sentiment trends from interactions scored the traditional way.

“Almost two decades into the application of analytics to illuminate and automate the world of QA, confusion persists, and AI insights remain the exclusive possession of the largest few,” said Kristyn Emenecker, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Playvox.

“Our commitment is to bring the powerful lens of AI to the hard-working QA analysts supporting customer service teams of all sizes. AutoQA is our latest example of an agent-empowering solution for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The out-of-the-box, AI-powered SaaS solution lets operations executives and quality managers spend less time figuring out where there might be quality problems and focus more resources on fixing issues.”

AutoQA is available now in early access to qualifying Playvox Quality Management customers on Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Kustomer platforms, bringing AI innovation to quality management practices for 100% of customer interactions.

Interested Playvox customers should contact their sales representative and/or customer success manager to learn more.

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Published On: 21st Sep 2022 - Last modified: 24th Apr 2024
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