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Lee Jones and Rob Clarke of new contact centre consultancy Elev-8 Performance discuss some of the most challenging types of customers to deal with and how best to communicate with them.

In our conversation with Lee and Rob, we also talk about preparing the call centre team for difficult conversations, coaching advisors to stay resilient and dealing with call escalation requests.

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Podcast Time Stamps

  • 1:14 – The Classic “Types” of Challenging Customers
  • 6:48 – Preparing Advisors for Challenging Customers
  • 13:31 – General Advice for Dealing With Challenging Customers
  • 19:22 – Supporting Advisors Through Challenging Conversations
  • 25:28 – Handling Call Escalation Requests
  • 29:48 – Coaching Advisors to Better Handle Difficult Contacts

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Published On: 5th Oct 2020 - Last modified: 6th Oct 2020
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