Quality Scores is the Most Measured Contact Centre KPI

A graph showing the answers to the question "Which KPIs do you measure" with the answers of 58%-first contact resolution, 48%-net promoter score, 18%-customer value, 15%- custoemr effort score, 71%- quality score


According to our poll, contact centre professionals measure quality scores more frequently than any other KPI.

Other KPIs that are measured regularly are First Contact Resolution (58%) and Net Promoter Score (48%), much more so than Customer Value (18%) and Customer Effort Score (15%).

Poll – “Which KPIs do you measure” – answers
First Contact Resolution – 58%
Net Promoter Score – 48%
Customer Value – 18%
Customer Effort Score – 15%
Quality Score – 71%

(Multiple answers were allowed during this poll, so the total does not add up to 100%.)

Source: Call Centre Helper webinar: Metrics that Matter     Sample size – 149     Date: October 2013

Published On: 1st Apr 2014 - Last modified: 25th Oct 2021
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