Recording Customer Surveys


Recording Customer Surveys
Recorded customer surveys make it easy for your customers to tell you what they think.

The system also makes it easy for you to carry out a complete end-to-end assessment of your customer’s experience of your service.

Customer opinions can be gained by using the rapidly deployed web surveys which customers can participate in via the company’s website, or clicked through from email correspondence. The same survey can be also deployed by telephone. All methods can be used for any one survey.

The key thing you need to do is decide the questions you want to ask.

How it works

Customer telephone calls are handled as usual by the contact centre and the customer is given the option of participating in a survey when the interaction comes to a natural conclusion.

Having agreed, the customer is transferred to the automated recording service to answer a set questions pre-defined by you, using the telephone keypad. Customers can also record ‘free speech’ comments.

All responses to the survey, whether telephone, web or email based, are then transferred immediately to a website, for easy reporting and analysis.

Typical features

Comments recorded

Free speech comments left as audio recordings during telephone calls are available immediately on the web site. Alternatively they can be sent to you as an email alert as and when they happen.

Real-time alerts

SMS messages and/or emails can be generated if survey results fall outside of acceptable limits, or whenever ‘free speech’ comments are left.

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Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 5th Apr 2010 - Last modified: 2nd Mar 2020
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