Tips to Reduce Call Queue Time


In this video Colin Mann at Enghouse Interactive outlines how to reduce call queue time.

How to Reduce Call Queue Time

Colin Mann at Enghouse
Colin Mann

There’s a number of different ways that you can leverage to reduce call queueing time.

Self service is one of them, so if you’re enabling a greater volume of your customers, or prospects, to find what they want using digital channels and online, obviously it’s going to reduce the number of calls coming into into the company.

And that’s going to have a positive effect on waiting times. Think prioritization. You can use your IVR systems to prioritize calls based on the urgency the complexity, maybe a VIP account for example, that’s going to reduce call waiting times for the right customers.

Empowering agents with knowledge as well, so if you can empower knowledge bases and collaboration that’s only going to have a positive effect. And then also driving omnichannel.

So if you have a contact centre, whether it’s a formal one or an informal one, where you’re offering different channels for people to reach you, that’s going to average out the number of enquiries.

So all of those enquiries that historically might have come into a phone line are now being spread across different channels, which is going to have a positive effect on call waiting times for those people who are on the phone.

So those are some of the methods that I would encourage contact centres to deploy.

Thanks to Colin Mann at Enghouse Interactive for contributing to this video.

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Author: Colin Mann
Reviewed by: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 5th Dec 2023
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