Shocking Number Failing to Measure ROI in the Contact Centre

How Do You Calculate ROI In Your Contact Centre? Poll Cover

We asked our LinkedIn Community of industry professionals ‘how do you calculate ROI in your contact centre?’.

How Do You Calculate ROI In Your Contact Centre? poll graph
Method to Calculate ROI Response %
Using a Trusted Equation 49%
I Try – with Mixed Results 22%
I Don’t 26%
Other 3%

Of the 237 responses, almost half confirmed they were ‘Using a Trusted Equation’.

Yet the remaining half of respondents revealed a somewhat concerning picture as 48% stated that they either only ‘Try – with Mixed Results’ (22%) or ‘Don’t’ (26%) calculate it.

This suggests that many are missing out on a valuable opportunity to showcase the value of their contact centre operation, as well as review opportunities for improvement in key areas around customer experience and retention.


Several respondents also expanded upon their answer in the comments, providing additional insights that we wanted to share with you:

Return on Information

I believe that contact centre ROI needs to be redefined as RETURN ON INFORMATION – information that improves CX, information that improves processes, the user interface, digital access – the list is almost endless.

Instead contact centres continue to want to report on metrics, which makes any ROI difficult to calculate.

Contact centres today are problem-solving units that have a massive amount of exposure to what is going wrong in the enterprise, in this information lies the RETURN ON INFORMATION which fuels the more “familiar” ROI…

I have said for decades “Information is currency in the digital age and contact centres are a pure source of it. Use this currency wisely.

Thanks to Kathleen

You Have to Map Not Survey

I use interaction analytics to define the cost of every step of action (to time and resource costs) so I can see performance. Interaction analytics can nail it to the P&L.

The thing where people normally struggle is indirect cost and benefit. You have to map – not survey.

Thanks to Morris

ROI Is Misunderstood as a Calculation

Mostly, ROI is misunderstood as a calculation, and too often I see ROI as an excuse where faulty data is corrupting the calculation.

Thanks to Dr M. Dave Salisbury

Call Centres Should Not Be Cost Centres

Customer retention must be a good measure with overall operational costs; however, in my experience call centres should not be cost centres.

Thanks to Jim

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 4th May 2023 - Last modified: 16th May 2024
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