Sign Off Process

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Sign Off Process

Does anybody have a sign off process or even a template that they use when signing off and checking call centre agents readiness to go live after their induction period?

Any assistance or guidance on this, would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Question asked by eli

Knowledge, Systems and Processes Check List

I am looking to introduce something like this as well as I have had situations where they say they haven’t been shown something in training when I know they have.

What I am thinking of doing is having a knowledge, systems and processes check list and at the end of the training period, booking in 30 mins with the advisor individually to go through this list and sign off together. This can then be passed over to their team leader.

This is on my list of things to put together for my next lot of new starters.

With thanks to Rose10

A Simple Excel Sheet

I have done this previously and have just put a simple Excel sheet together. Each section has a heading for the area of training and underneath are all of the parts covered.

There is then a column for the date completed as well as a column each for the trainee and the trainer to sign. We then just scan the document once complete so that the evidence is readily available.

I would complete a knowledge test with each employee and set a benchmark for pass and fail. This identifies any knowledge gaps from which training can be arranged.

In addition to this, for any new starters I set a minimum call audit score average of 90% for 5 calls before they can be completely signed off.

Hope this helps

With thanks to Tim

Author: Jonty Pearce

Published On: 12th Apr 2022 - Last modified: 5th May 2022
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