Spearline Release New Podcast Episodes

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Spearline share three episodes from their current podcasting series.

Remote Working in a Changing World

In the newest episode of their podcast, Kees Hendrickx and Josh O’Farrell are back, hosting from an entirely new podcasting environment.

The Spearline Podcast is now remote working, with the hosts interviewing other “Spearliners” to find out how they’ve been getting on in their new home offices, the challenges they’ve faced and the future of the office environment.

Spearline delve into any challenges they are facing, the perks of remote working and how the working environment could be forever changed.

This episode has a selection of Spearliners talking about their different experiences with their departments. Kees and Josh will be speaking to:

  • Service Delivery Manager Shona O’Donovan
  • Systems Administrator Daniel Popielnick
  • Customer Engagement Managers Laura Coughlan and Brendan Clark

Laura, Shona, and Brendan were able to discuss how vital it is to keep in contact with your customers, and how new relationships have actually grown stronger since remote working, due to the need for constant communication.

How Does Your Audio Affect Online Meetings, With Doug Remington

Audio vs Video – which would you turn off first?

Kees speaks with Doug Remington, General Manager & Head of Sales EMEA at DTEN, about the significance audio quality has in web conferencing, his role with the company, DTEN’s services, and more.

DTEN builds innovative communications technology creating the ideal environment to communicate and collaborate. Founded in 2015, DTEN is rapidly becoming recognized as an international leader for innovation and accessibility in communication.

Helping contact centre teams collaborate more effectively, DTEN builds innovative communications technology that creates the ideal environment to communicate and collaborate between teams and their customers.

Doug shares the same outlook as Spearline that audio is the foundation for all communication and to lose any part of the audio signal can frustrate and have negative effects on a meeting. It’s always best to be prepared by testing and actively managing your audio quality to improve the quality of your conversations.

Tune in now for all the latest insights and discover how you can improve the quality of your online meetings.

Colm Condon: Communicating With HR During a Crisis

In this episode of the Spearline Podcast, Josh and Kees are joined by Colm Condon of OD&C Advisory Services.

Colm has worked a number of years in human resource management, but also with a significant background varying from general management responsibilities, to now providing consulting services in business strategy, organizational transformation, and more.

2020 has been the year of organizational transformation whether businesses intended that or not. Work from home is here. Teams are collaborating remotely but this crisis has taken a toll on many employees.

Josh and Kees discussed the role HR has played for these businesses during the COVID pandemic, the numerous challenges contact centre teams have faced during remote working, how important it is for managers and supervisors to have regular contact and communication with their staff, and more.

Constant communication between contact centre teams and their HR departments is essential. Colm also discussed how challenging recruitment has become for many organizations and how tough is it for new employees to start new positions remotely, while also providing insights about the effects call fatigue has on employees.

Tune in now to listen to Colm’s insights and advice. Be sure to also catch up with all the latest Spearline news and developments!

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 22nd Dec 2020 - Last modified: 20th May 2022
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