The top 10 call centre websites

Want to know who’s doing what on the web in the world of call centres? Let Alex Coxon and Jonty Pearce provide you with their top ten.

QA QnA is probably the best of the call centre blogs, with one of the most cryptic names. It bills itself as Tom Vaner Well’s thoughts, observations, rants and raves from the front-lines of call center quality assessment. It has a range of stimulating observations as well as the ability to comments on the posts. You will need to bookmark this site as it can be a bit difficult to find again. (For bookmarking we find that is the best).

CallCentreVoice is an independent, UK-based call centre discussion forum, established in 2001 to offer a sounding board to call centre professionals across the globe.

Members can view different discussion strands by ‘forum’, ‘topic’ or ‘latest posts’, with subjects varying from compliance to call flow modelling to setting up a call centre from scratch. The site also offers a glossary of terms from A to Z, enabling those who are new to the industry to quickly bring themselves up to date with call centre terminology. Traffic has fallen off in recent months but it is probably still the best place to get a question answered.

Customer Management Insight is one of the newest online journals for call centre professionals. Based in the US, but with a global readership, the e-zine is published by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) – which sound like a nice independent body but is now part of CMP, publishers of Call Ccentre Focus.

Customer Management Insight is highly interactive. As well as offering news and longer articles, it also features audio and video clips, podcasts and webcasts. Other features include blogs and links to a range of ICMI newsletters. is a membership-based website, run out of North America, offering a range of services to its readers. Articles and white papers figure heavily on the site, but there are also video interviews, daily ‘contact center tips’ and a global association and vendor directory. co-ordinates its own awards schemes and conferences, details of which are available on the site, and has an online store, selling membership packages, books, reports and access to educational webinars.

The Customer Contact Association (CCA) is the trade body for UK call and contact centres, and one of the most prolific associations of its kind in the world.

CCA’s site doesn’t carry much in the way of industry news. Instead, it is a resource for call centres in the UK who want to learn more about the association’s professional standards, benchmarking, and sector-specific research. It also carries up-to-date information about the organisation’s calendar of national and regional events. is an online call centre news and information service. The site contains a range of industry news and editorials, but users must register before they can access any of this information.

Once registered, readers are sent a free weekly newsletter, which provides links to the latest stories, opinion pieces and features. The website also offers links to sister sites, which publishes details of a range of jobs, and, a directory of service and goods providers.

Call Centre Focus online is the website for the Call Centre Focus (CCF). The site features regular news updates, jobs listings and a call centre ‘community’ and a suppliers’ directory, designed to give readers details of technology and service providers specialising in different areas in the call centre sector. is the virtual entity for the monthly call centre magazine Call Centre Europe. It essentially offers access to the content of the paper publication, allowing readers to browse news, features and the magazine’s archive.

The site also includes a free ‘reader enquiry’ information service, allowing users to gain further details on anything they’ve seen either in print or online in the publication. There is a small product and services directory as well, plus listings relating to any free offers featured in the magazine.


Although it doesn’t technically count as a call centre website in its own right, the call centre page on the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia offers a wealth of information and links for anyone who needs to understand the basic mechanisms of call centre operations. The page lists key technologies for the sector – many of which link to their own Wikipedia pages to provide more detailed descriptions, plus outlines of the main key performance indicators (KPIs) used in the industry. It also touches on call centre management and forecasting.

What about Call Centre Helper?

Although Call Centre Helper is the most popular UK Call Centre UK call centre magazine, we felt it was unfair to add our own publication into the list and have excluded it for our top ten. What do you think?

Have we missed a great website?

Do you agree or disagree with our selection? Have we missed a great site? Drop us a line and we will have a look at it.

Published On: 20th Feb 2008 - Last modified: 17th Jan 2017
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  1. Its was pleasure to see all the top call center related sites at one go.

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  2. Hi Guys
    You’ve left out the most interesting, zany and dynamic call centre website there is.

    But there again I might be biased…….

    Bob Fitzjohn 25 May at 9:23 pm
  3. Bob

    This is not really the place for free advertising for your company.

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