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Conversations that Matter is a podcast from Uniphore where they explore the latest CX trends, sales insights, innovations in AI and automation.

Joining the show for this episode is co-author of Conversations with Things, and Chief Design Officer at Grand Studio, Diana Deibel!

The latest episode is now available.

It’s About the People – Diana Deibel – Conversations That Matter – Episode # 68

When it comes to implementing Al in the enterprise, the focus has to be on the people, not the tech. Here to help is a designer with a passion for human-centred services.

She has a knack for creating experiences that improve the lives of those who use them.

Diana joins Host Randy Ksar to share her background with conversation design, and her motivations for helping others in the field.

Diana dives into tips for leaders looking to implement Al, examples of Al in the healthcare industry, and the importance of focusing on people.


  • In enterprise applications, the goal of Al is to enhance efficiency and productivity, not to replace humans. Successful implementation of Al relies on prioritizing people’s involvement and leveraging their abilities to reduce time-consuming tasks.
  • Al has been able to revolutionize the healthcare follow-up process. After patients leave the doctor, an Al agent follows up with them to record and triage their symptoms. This frees up nurses, allowing them to focus on patients who need it most.
  • Healthcare leaders face numerous challenges in their Al journey, including burnout, staffing shortages, and inadequate integration of tools. Addressing these issues is crucial for successful implementation and improved efficiency in healthcare.
  • The biggest question leaders need to focus on answering is what do we build vs buy. While building can allow you to address challenges more specifically, much work over the next few years will be outdated once government interoperability rolls out.
  • Multimodal experiences offer enhanced interactions by combining different modes of communication, like voice and visual cues. This has significant implications in healthcare, where Al-driven surgeries and training can be more efficiently facilitated.
  • This year’s financial challenges have prompted businesses to optimize their limited resources, considering whether Al is the right choice for future growth and preparing for its potential implementation when conditions improve.
  • Scripting conversations before designing flows is a crucial step for budding conversation designers. It helps ensure a natural rhythm and anticipate potential issues, ultimately saving time and effort in the long run.

Quote of the Show:

  • “If you are going to try to launch Al in the enterprise successfully, it has to be about the people, or it’s not going to go well.” – Diana Deibel

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Published On: 19th Oct 2023 - Last modified: 24th Oct 2023
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