VCC Live Launch Their New Contact Centre Academy

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VCC Live have announced the launch of VCC Live Academy, an online learning platform designed to help contact centre professionals grow in their career.

Contact centre leaders have a lot on their shoulders: they are responsible for the overall performance and budget of their department, they need to effectively manage agent recruitment and retention, and ultimately they have to create the foundations for their contact centre’s success.

Supervisors and managers are expected to be able to see the whole picture, while also mastering the ins and outs of the industry.

That is why contact centre leaders have to rely on their knowledge and continually improve their skills in order to keep everything under control. And VCC Live Academy is the perfect tool for doing that!

Introducing VCC Live Academy

Continuous learning is a crucial part of any contact centre professional’s career. However, as contact centre jobs normally require high levels of multitasking and time management, instead of enrolling in traditional training courses, leaders tend to learn everything independently, by themselves. But learning doesn’t have to be lonely!

VCC Live Academy is an online learning platform, offering free courses that help contact centre professionals grow in their career. As all the courses are 100% online, leaders can easily fit lessons into their busy schedules.

The courses are led by long-time industry experts, who use their many years of experience in the industry, and their stories of real-time successes and cases, to educate participants.

About the Courses 

Contact centres are typically fast-changing working environments, where managers need to be on top of every situation. This, of course, requires in-depth knowledge of the industry.

And this is what VCC Live Academy offers: from the latest calling features to essential metrics and people management, VCC Live offer courses covering the most important topics contact centre leaders need to know about.

The first course focuses on how contact centres are continuing their path toward migrating their operations to the cloud, and how supervisors and managers can successfully react to this transition by preparing agents for remote work.

During this course, you’ll learn about remote training, monitoring, and feedback methods: everything that will allow you to provide comprehensive support to your remote agents.

The second course offered by the Academy talks about skill-based routing, which is an innovative calling feature, enabling contact centres to save some of their workforce by fully optimizing their processes.

The course also shows, through a real-life case study, how you can decrease agent available time while keeping service levels high.

In such a competitive environment as a contact centre, efficient measurement and analysis of metrics is one of the most important goals to achieve. That’s why VCC Live created two courses which concentrate on the most important contact centre metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

In the third course, VCC Live’s industry expert shares his knowledge of the most essential inbound call handling metrics contact centre leaders need to measure in their contact centre.

In the next course, he talks about the most important inbound KPIs in order of importance, ranked by 136 contact centre supervisors and managers!

VCC Live Academy launches today with these four courses but will feature many more contact centre courses over the coming future, covering some of the most important topics and latest industry trends contact centre leaders need to learn about.

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Published On: 1st Feb 2021 - Last modified: 2nd Feb 2021
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