Virsae and Hammer Announce CX Assurance Capabilities

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The increasing complexity of today’s cloud contact centre and hybrid work environments has created a growing market need for greater visibility across multiple systems, devices and customer touchpoints.

Virsae and Hammer have responded to this need, combining their strengths to provide a 360-degree view of customer and agent experience.

Branded Outside In – Inside Out, the joint capability means businesses can be assured of seamless customer experiences and enhanced agent performance even in challenging hybrid workplaces.

It provides network readiness assessments, automatically discovers and documents the customer journey, and includes functional, regression, systems and load testing.

“To ensure customer experience is seamless you need to understand the full end-to-end journey,” said Virsae Chief Revenue Officer Ian McCarthy.

“The tracking of both customer and agent experience not only brings complete technical visibility, but also enhances agent performance and wellbeing, no matter what technology is deployed or where the contact centre agents are physically located”.

Outside In – Inside Out combines Virsae’s XCaaS monitoring and AI-powered analytics platform with Hammer’s automated customer journey active testing to provide a continuous 360-degree view across on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid infrastructures.

Ongoing production monitoring and alerting tracks customer interactions all the way from the carrier network to in-office or work from home agents, with AI-driven insights highlighting the cause of any customer or agent experience issues.

“Modern contact centre infrastructures depend upon the interoperability of multiple components. There are many steps in a single journey where the customer experience can be compromised.

This partnership makes seamless integrated CX across multiple channels and customer touchpoints a reality, empowering contact centres to reap the twin rewards of improved productivity and higher customer satisfaction,” said Hammer President, John D’Anna.

For contact centre managers looking to discover and test new capabilities, the Virsae Hammer partnership also provides the confidence of network readiness assessments for site provisioning, voice and IVR, and contact centre cloud migration assurance to accelerate, de-risk and transform the cloud migration experience.

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Published On: 27th Apr 2023
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