Recorded Webinar: The Best Ways to Handle Webchat

Web chat has taken off as the channel of choice for many contact centres. But it requires a different skill set and different techniques to make it work effectively.

In this webinar we look at the best ways to improve the handling of web chats in the contact centre.

Topics Discussed

  • The best Operating Hours
  • Identifying and Greeting Customers
  • Using Canned Responses
  • Building rapport over Web Chat
  • Personalizing Chat
  • Dealing with Complex Enquiries
  • Multichannel - Joining Web and Phone Calls
  • Quality Scoring of Web Chats
  • Web Chat Technology


Neil Martin- Headshot
Neil Martin
The First Word
Aruf Khan- Headshot
Aruf Khan
NICE Nexidia
Jonty Pearce- Headshot
Jonty Pearce
Call Centre Helper

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This webinar was brought to you by Call Centre Helper and is sponsored by NICE Nexidia

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