What Is Customer Experience (CX)?


Nikki Quinn at Playvox defines customer experience (CX).

What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

CX stands for Customer Experience, and I think it’s every single aspect of it.

If we think about all of the interactions that a consumer has with a company, it’s a compilation of the moments that creates the long-term trust, loyalty and quite frankly makes the customer feel good.

So when I think about CX, I think it’s all about aligning purpose with values. It has got to be consistent. It needs to build trust, and it needs to be easy and enjoyable at every touchpoint, through every stage of the journey.

I also think it needs to create lasting impressions, since that’s going to both drive customers and employees, because I think they are crucial to this as well, to shout about that organization’s capabilities from the rooftops.

Obviously, there’s complexities as well today because we live in the era of digital. Which I think empowers customers to demand more.

So in order to win their loyalty, I think customers need to have an enjoyable experience within organizations, at all of those stages.

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Nikki Quinn

And customer experience is not just about what they think, feel and value, but understanding why as well. And when thinking about CX, a lot of organizations start from the outside in, and I think it should be from the inside out.

So start with things like purpose, vision, mission, and core values, that all support the why, how and what.

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Published On: 22nd Nov 2022 - Last modified: 16th Dec 2022
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