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In this video Karl Sandland, Confidence and Self-Belief Coach, defines self-confidence.

What Is Self-Confidence?

Karl Sandland, Confidence and Self-Belief Coach
Karl Sandland

So the textbook answer really for ‘what is self-confidence’ – is belief in your own ability, your own qualities, your own demeanour, and your trust in your ability to deliver something, to do something.

For it not to have a negative impact on you. Now I partially agree with that and partially disagree with that. I think a lot of people use self-confidence and self-belief interchangeably in the wrong ways.

Ultimately, confidence is not about your belief that everything will be okay. Confidence is the energy. It’s that thing that you need at that moment in time, that reassurance, that the task you’re about to undertake is something that you’re going to be able to do without a negative impact on you.

Now, confidence in itself can sort of be split into two as well. You can have learned confidence. So, if you’re competent at something, if you’ve trained in something, or done something many, many times before, you’re naturally going to have that confidence.

Because you know it’s going to work out okay. You’ve got something behind you that proves that that’s the case, and you’ve seen it time and time again.

But there’s also sort of instant confidence. So, the inner confidence that you can muster, which is something a lot of people sort of miss out on, and that’s the ability to make yourself feel confident at a point in time, where you’re facing something where you haven’t perhaps faced it before, or you haven’t perhaps got that competence of knowledge sitting behind you.

So that then triggers more towards belief and how you have that self-belief that everything will be okay. And so yeah, my definition of confidence is you could look at it as a textbook perspective.

And I think, again, if we went back to what does that really mean? It means that you believe that you are going to do something and therefore that that motivates you to do something, and you get the outcome without it being negative.

Thanks to Karl Sandland, Confidence and Self-Belief Coach

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Published On: 22nd May 2023 - Last modified: 13th Jul 2023
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