51% Use 3-4 Applications to Help a Customer

How many applications do your agents use to help a customer

When we ran this poll in 2012 the audience said 23% of contact centres ask agents to assist customers with over ten different apps. However, this wasn’t the most popular of the options presented, with 3-4 being the most common number of applications given to an agent for customer support in the industry.

When we asked again in 2021 3-4 apps is still the most popular option, however the number above 10 has now reduced.

How Many Applications do Your Agents use to Help a Customer?

  • 1-2 apps: 14%
  • 3-4 apps: 51%
  • 5-9 apps: 26%
  • More than 10 apps: 9%

Source: Call Centre Helper LinkedIn poll    Votes: 80   Date: October 2021

Published On: 29th Oct 2021 - Last modified: 4th Nov 2021
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