Recorded Webinar – Excel Masterclass – Designing a Better Forecasting Spreadsheet


  • Jonty Pearce – Call Centre Helper

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  • Jo Sparkes, Spreadsheet Design Consultant

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  • Dave Appleby, Resource Planning

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  • John Casey, The Forum

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Click here to download our Monthly Forecasting Excel Spreadsheet Template

Topics to be discussed

  • Latest forecasting methods
  • Regression-based forecasting techniques – Holt Winters and ARIMA
  • Building external factors into the forecast – weather, marketing, mailings
  • Removing outliers
  • Useful Excel functions
  • Correlation of data
  • Using pivot tables
  • Using the Excel solver
  • Seasonality and trends
  • Linking spreadsheets to WFM software
  • Top tips from the audience
  • Winning tip – “I use WEEKNUM excel function to incorporate previous years data with recent data to determine Week / Day of Week distribution”. Thanks to Michael

Original Webinar date: Thursday 28th April 2016

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