Do You Cycle to Your Call Centre?

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More and more companies are encouraging their employees to cycle to work.  “Everyone can be a cyclist – enjoying the thrills and fitness benefits. Cycling to work is one of the best ways of incorporating cycling into everyday activity,” says Dennis Millard, Chairman of Halfords.

His comments were made during the launch of Businesscycle, a new national online information resource for employers, which provides guidance on how they can encourage greater numbers of their staff to ride to work.


Dennis Millard

Mr Millard commented, “Our research shows that 97% of participating businesses say the scheme is an important way to encourage a healthy workforce, while 86% feel the scheme improves employee engagement.”

Mr Millard encouraged more businesses to offer the Cycle to Work Scheme so that both they and their employees could enjoy the benefits.  The scheme can play a vital role in any organisation’s CSR strategy, helping reduce carbon emissions and take seriously a commitment to improving the health of its staff. 87% of employees have noticed health improvements as a result of the scheme.

Why Run a Cycle to Work Scheme:

  • The fastest growing and most sought after employee benefit in the UK
  • Free scheme implementation for employers – there are no catches or hidden costs for you or your employees
  • Easy to implement and manage – offers a highly valued benefit to employees.

More information on the initiative is available at

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 14th Nov 2012 - Last modified: 27th Jul 2020
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