Recorded Webinar: Improving Customer Service on Social Media

Webinar on customer service on social media.  

Trying to figure out how to improve the service that you deliver on social media?
Social media is starting to make a big impact on how customers like to interact with us, and a growing number of contact centres are now starting to own customer service on social media, and are starting to drive up customer satisfaction.

We have put together a practical webinar that shares some of the ‘trade secrets’ in working with social media.


  • Social Customer Service – Martin Hill-Wilson, Brainfood Consulting (a leading expert on social customer service)

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  • Social Media Technology – Mike Murphy, Interactive Intelligence

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  • Top Tips for Customer Service on Social Media – Jonty Pearce, Call Centre Helper

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Winning tip; “Once you have resolved a customer issue (especially in private) – ASK for the positive feedback. Many customers are willing to give it!”

  • Interactive Questions & Answers

Topics to be discussed

  • The latest research on social customer service
  • Getting social customer service out of the Marketing department
  • When to intervene on social media, The best ways to deal with a complaint
  • Triage complaints
  • Damage limitation – Klout score, number of followers etc.
  • Dealing with a complaint in 140 characters
  • Which agents to use
  • How to allocate social media
  • Quality scoring on social media
  • The impact of mobile
  • The best tools to use for social media
  • Top tips from our audience
  • Interactive questions and answers – your chance to ask questions

This webinar is brought to you by Call Centre Helper and is sponsored by Interactive Intelligence.

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