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Hammer has announced the release of HammerRTC for Amazon Connect.

The new HammerRTC solution will enable contact centres to independently validate their migration to Amazon Connect, speeding up deployment , optimizing customer experiences and reducing risk , using Hammer’s end-to-end automated testing capability.

John D’Anna, President of Hammer commented: “By enabling HD voice and video calls, screen sharing and messages directly from a web browser, WebRTC offers huge potential to reduce costs. Not only that, it also empowers agents to provide better customer experiences, wherever they are located.

However, as part of any Web RTC deployment, it is vital to consider network performance, voice and video quality and interoperability, to eliminate potential points of failure before the deployment goes live.”

HammerRTC simulates calls to WebRTC endpoints, emulating real-life scenarios at the scale needed to accurately predict the behavior of complex IP-based contact centre environments during periods of peak demand.

Uniquely, Hammer’s end-to-end testing capability also offers insight into applications as experienced by customers, from IVR routing, to bi-directional voice call quality, CTI data accuracy (screen pops) and agent workflow, so that any issues can be identified and eliminated.

John D’Anna, President of Hammer continued: “CCaaS platforms bring many benefits for organizations, but migrating your contact centre to the cloud is a complex, high-risk operation. Careful planning is vital to ensure a successful migration and avoid putting mission-critical customer communications at risk.

“WebRTC deployments require a close focus on network performance and systems integration to ensure optimal customer experience. Any pressure on bandwidth can impact voice and video quality, while interoperability with enterprise routers and networks can lead to dropped calls and other issues.

With HammerRTC, potential outages, downtime and broken customer journeys can all be identified and eliminated at the planning stage, enabling a smooth and successful transition to the cloud.

In conjunction with Hammer’s end-to-end automated testing capabilities, HammerRTC can also provide ongoing monitoring and assurance post-deployment, alerting contact centres to any network performance, interoperability and configuration issues in near real-time.

Hammer will also pinpoint the cause of the issue, enabling rapid resolution of issues that could impact the customer experience.

John D’Anna concluded: Amazon Connect has become one of AWS’s fastest growing services to date. Its self-service, easy-to-use capabilities means contact centres can reinvent customer service.

HammerRTC will enable DevOps teams to design better customer journeys and ensure that every step of the journey performs as it should. It provides the proof DevOps teams need to implement Amazon Connect with confidence, speeding up deployment and maximising Return on Investment (ROI).”

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Published On: 19th Aug 2022
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