IFDS Site Visit: Breathing new life into the Back Office

THE DATE: 14th September 2017


THE DESCRIPTION: A new, two-person Centre of Excellence (COE) has brought consistency and control across diverse, specialist back office teams in the UK & India. Re-invigorating the existing Active Operations Management (AOM) methodology, with Director level sponsorship, has made a palpable difference to the culture, at a grass-roots level. Visibility of performance and collaboration make possible improvements in every team, with projected savings of £720,500. Adapting standard AOM training has been vital to success, embedding this in the IFDS culture. Each person understands the true drivers of performance and AOM champions are the conduit between operational teams and the COE, driving performance and sharing best practice. Gamification is encouraging healthy competition at the leadership level, enabling a strategic shift in productivity to absorb growth without increasing costs.

Who should attend? This site visit will be of interest to anyone looking at operational engagement and improvement in back office or processing operations – whether in-house or through outsourced or off-shore centres. It’s a great opportunity to see another operation from the inside and learn how culture can be changed across multiple specialist teams by providing central expertise, common methodology and visibility of performance.


THE WEBLINK: http://theforum.social/Awards/ArticleId/4333

Published On: 14th Jun 2017
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