Initiatives to Increase Productivity

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We asked our LinkedIn community

Besides incentives, what are other initiatives that can be used to increase agents’ productivity?”

It’s a fairly common question and we got some great answers. Read on to find out what the professionals suggest to increase agent productivity:

Re-Evaluate Your Goals

If you have already explored the behavioural aspects like gamification and rewards without seeing improvements, you may be maxed out on what your agents can do without sacrificing things like quality of service or driving agent burnout.

If that’s the case, I would look at how to make them more efficient – are there best practices from high performers that can be used by lower performers?

Are there improvements in the tools used that can decrease handle time?

Or new tools that may require some investment but will pay off in improved productivity.

Re-evaluating your goals may help you get the productivity you want.

Thanks to Jolie

Leadership Is Key

I believe in leadership.

A leader that takes responsibility and shows an interest in the individual.

Such a leader will ask: Where does this person stand in life? What do they need to be motivated? And then they will work together with the colleague on their development path.

I used to run a book where on a regular basis I asked my employees individual questions and I noted them in my personal “CRM” tool.

Also building trust, giving responsibility but being around to support when needed. In my experience great leadership with emotional intelligence is the key.

Make your people happy and care for them, then they will care for the company.

Thanks to Sandra

Create Great Working Environments

Create great working environments

  • Upskill and mentor
  • Development plans
  • Fair growth opportunities
  • Engagement activities.
  • Avoid micro-management.

Thanks to Selvan

Team-Building Activities and Gamifying Subjects

I love team-building activities and gamifying subjects relevant to our industry.

It helps each team member to become a subject-matter expert.

Thanks to Charmaine

Remove Productivity Targets

Remove productivity targets. Make work behavioural.

Thanks to Lee

Constant Engagement and Realistic Goals

The best initiative is constant engagement and realistic goals to achieve. Don’t coach to a number – coach to the mission and ensure you praise on the wins!

Hire the attitude…Train the skill!

Thanks to Anthony

Identify Whether the Lack of Productivity Is From Lack of Will or Lack of Skill

The most important is to identify if the lack of productivity is coming from lack of will or lack of skill at individual and group level.

If a lack of skill, you can:

  • Group training on process/product
  • Introduce a knowledge management system
  • Coach multitasking (e.g. on calls write CRM notes during the call and not in wrap-up/hold)
  • Contact shadowing (tm/coach to shadow and help with coaching on the spot)
  • Demo calls (low performers shadowing best performers)
  • Share best practices (your best reps sharing their tips offline with the lower performers)
  • And other similar actions where you coach process and behaviour

If a lack of will, you have to find the right way to motivate them.

Thanks to Emil

Focus All Metrics on Customer Experience

Focus all metrics on customer experience and help agents see how their overall behaviour, including productivity, affects the impression customers are left with because of how they have been treated.

Thanks to Colette

Understand the Pain Area

Check the last three months’ data to understand the pain area which is hitting the most.

Work on that first.

Thanks to Jay

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Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 11th Nov 2022
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