30% of Contact Centres Have Never Considered Home Workers

A graph showing the answers to the question "On home workers which statement best describes your centre" with the answers of 30%-never considered it, may do in the future, 3%-In place but failing, 20%-in place and working well, 16%-currently in our plans but not yet implemeted, 31%-not suitable and won't be trialling or implementing it

According to our poll, 30% of contact centres have never thought about allowing advisors to work from home, but would not rule out implementing such a system.

Whereas, 31% say that doing so would not be suitable to their practice and will not consider allowing employees to work from home.

Poll – On home workers, which statement best describes your centre? – answers

Not suitable and won’t be trialling or implementing it – 31%
Currently in our plans but not yet implemented – 16%
In place and working well – 20%
In place but failing – 3%
Never considered it; may do in future – 30%

Source: Call Centre Helper webinar: 7 Contact Centre Challenges     Sample size – 101     Date: April 2013

Published On: 21st May 2013 - Last modified: 18th Sep 2019
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