Accommodating Agent Schedule Preferences Most Difficult Aspect of Scheduling

A graph showing "which is the most difficult to accomplish in your scheduling process?" with the answers of 35%- Covering nights and weekends, 39% accommodating agent schedule preferences, 20% minimising labour costs and 6%- complying with contracts


Accommodating agents’ schedule preferences has been identified as the most difficult aspect of scheduling.

Poll – Which is the most difficult to accomplish in your scheduling process? – answers

Covering nights and weekends – 35%
Accommodating agent schedule preferences – 39%
Minimising labour costs – 20%
Complying with contracts  – 6%

Source: Call Centre Helper webinar poll – Webinar: Best Practices in Workforce Management     Sample size – 64     Date: February 2015

Published On: 6th Jun 2015 - Last modified: 18th Sep 2019
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