Puzzel Launches a New Application for Omnichannel Service

Puzzel has announced new functionality in the latest release of its cloud-based contact centre solution, designed to help agents manage customer enquiries and streamline the customer journey.

The new agent application supports direct integration through widgets to the agent’s screen to enterprise solutions providing access to customer relationship management information, invoice history, product or service details, user knowledge bases and more.

In addition, the latest version enables contact centre agents to handle multiple customer interactions more efficiently.  Agents can respond to enquiries in different channels, at the same time, to provide a complete omnichannel customer experience.

Christian Thorsrud, Product Manager at Puzzel, commented: “Today, customers expect to be able to interact with a customer service centre in any number of ways including webchat, chatbots, social media, email, telephone or their favourite messaging app. This latest version of our contact centre solution will enable agents to provide true omnichannel service.”

Christian Thorsrud

Christian Thorsrud

“The underlying technology has been developed with the future in mind as customer expectations increasingly demand a sophisticated, seamless service from contact centres. It provides agents with the tools to see a customer’s purchase history and their preferences and to connect to third-party suppliers, while responding to user or product queries.”

“Agents have information at their fingertips to ensure a positive and profitable customer journey.”

Puzzel’s latest version incorporating the new agent application includes:

A Brand New Widget Concept

Increases the productivity of agents through proactively providing them with the information they need, when they need it.

Widgets are customisable and flexible, and allow agents to be presented with the information and functionality most relevant to them in any given situation.

Easy Switching Between Customer Enquiries

New functionality means that each customer interaction is handled via a separate tab which is opened automatically providing easy switching between channels.

To see queue overview information, tickers and external applications, additional function tabs can be opened manually.

A New Social Media Solution

New improved direct integration with social media channels, and the ability to add new source channels rapidly, means that the latest version of Puzzel is more flexible and responsive to new customer communication channel choices.

Integration With Partner Systems for Vital Information

The latest version of Puzzel can be integrated with selected partners, enabling agents to connect to third parties and knowledge bases to solve user or product queries.

Information on orders, stock availability and delivery times can also be accessed. Agent screens support co-browsing to enable simultaneous viewing of products while dealing with a customer enquiry.

Future Proofing for an Omnichannel Experience

Puzzel’s product developments have been designed to support a variety of customer communication channels and systems, including advances in softphone, enabling companies to provide a complete customer experience that meets the requirements of today as well as future innovations.

For more information about Puzzel, visit: www.puzzel.com

Published On: 1st Nov 2018 - Last modified: 6th Nov 2018
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