Do You Include All Abandoned Calls Within Your Statistics?

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We were asked…

“Do you include all abandoned calls within your statistics?
If not which do you exclude i.e. the first 10 seconds?”

Count All Abandoned Calls

I would recommend counting all abandoned calls as this will allow you to see how many of your customers are putting the phone down before getting connected to an agent.

This will allow you to see any pattern/short fall in staffing etc allow you to analyse your call patterns.

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Abandon Rate is an Important KPI to Measure

Abandon Rate is an important KPI to measure. As stated above, it could demonstrate an under staffing level, it can also demonstrate flaws in your IVR scripting amongst other things. COPC requires that this be measured and kept with set criteria.

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It is an Indicator Showing Your Real Service Level

Abandoned calls is one of the indicators showing your real Service Level, however if you don’t include it in your reports then you will not have true profile. I personally consider abandoned calls those ones who after the IVR greeting, press star to be connected with operator, but  I also make report of timing, i.e. if they hang off within 5 seconds I show it in my report till 30 second, because our standards require to be connected at least within 30 seconds.

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Investigate Your Short Abandoned Calls

I do include short abandoned calls in my reports.

But I do believe that investigating in your Short abandoned calls are a must because you might have a problem in your IVR, ACD or something else.

It is also worth knowing which projects your customers are willing to wait for a certain amount of time.

Thinking in detail can really improve your overall performance.

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Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 20th Jan 2009 - Last modified: 12th Apr 2022
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