Contact Centres are Using a Wide Range of CRM Systems

A graph depicting "Which CRM system do you use" 12% - Microsoft CRM Dynamics, 1% - Netsuite, 15% - Oracle, 9% - Salesforce, 6% - Right Now, 3% - Sugar CRM, 14% - SAP, 15% - In house, and 25% - Other

According to our poll, there is not one clear favourite CRM system that is monopolising the contact centre industry, with Oracle the marginally the most popular branded system, by just one percent.

Alongside in-house systems, Oracle had 15% of the vote, with SAP having 14% of the vote and Microsoft CRM Dynamics having 12%.

Another result that shows how great the range of systems being used is, is the fact that 25% of the industry experts questioned said that their contact centre used a system that was not included in the options given.


Poll – “Which CRM system do you use?” – answers

Microsoft CRM Dynamics – 12%
Netsuite – 1%
Oracle – 15%
Salesforce – 9%
Right Now – 6%
Sugar CRM – 3%
SAP – 14%
In house – 15%
Other – 25%

Source: Call Centre Helper reader poll    Votes: 252    Date: July 2011

Author: Jo Robinson

Published On: 9th Jul 2011 - Last modified: 25th Oct 2021
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