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The Sabio Group is working with the UCL School of Management to support the university’s innovative MSc Business Analytics master’s degree programme.

The UCL Business Analytics degree programme aims to provide students with a rigorous, practical foundation in the key skills needed to unlock the value of data, as well as an in-depth understanding of how companies can use data more effectively – to make decisions and improve business performance.

As part of its engagement with UCL, Sabio will give MSc students an opportunity to apply their skills across a range of data-led customer experience projects, working closely with the Sabio Insight team to help organizations use best-practice data skills to predict and anticipate evolving customer demands.

“At the UCL School of Management we know that businesses are becoming more complex and interconnected, with organizations generating and capturing trillions of bytes of information about their customers, suppliers and operation,” said David Alderton, Programme Director at UCL School of Management.

“At the same time, the explosion of complexity, data and technology is disrupting industries and creating new opportunities.”

“That’s why organizations need people who not only understand how management best practices are evolving to adjust to this new deeply complex, interconnected and data-driven world, but also can take this data and transform it into a powerful strategic asset.”

“Our MSc Business Analytics is designed to provide a rigorous, practical foundation in these critical skills. It’s great that Sabio will be working with the UCL School of Management to provide our students with an opportunity to apply their skills by working on some of the world’s most innovative CX projects,” he continued.

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Stuart Dorman

“While many of today’s brands now collect upwards of 30-50 different CX datasets across their multiple customer touchpoints, it’s still rare for their reporting to extend much beyond what happened – and rarer still for data to be aggregated across customer journeys,” added Stuart Dorman, Sabio’s Chief Innovation Officer.

“At Sabio we’re focused on helping our customers refine their CX data strategies by shifting from ‘what happened?’ to ‘what’s next?’, and our Sabio Insight team offers a great opportunity for UCL’s MSc Business Analytics students to work directly on some of today’s most complex data integration and analytics challenges.”

Sabio Insight empowers organizations to get more from their data by breaking down their multiple customer engagement reporting silos.

The Sabio Insight team enables true cross-platform and cross-channel analytics, then works with in-house CX teams to map performance across end-to-end customer journeys. This equips brands with the insights required to power next-generation predictive and prescriptive customer engagement strategies.

UCL’s Business Analytics master’s degree programme provides a rigorous, practical foundation in the key skills needed to unlock the value of data, and an in-depth understanding of how companies can use data to make decisions and improve business performance.

It combines modules that explore how data and analytics are transforming key areas of business (decision-making, strategy, marketing, operations) with modules that provide students with the mathematical and computational foundations needed to make effective and intuitive use of the latest business analytics tools and platforms.

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Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 27th Jun 2019 - Last modified: 3rd Jul 2019
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