5 More Exercises for Contact Centre Agents


Here are some more simple exercises you can try to help get everyone in your contact centre moving – even between calls!

These exercises can be carried out individually between calls, during a designated “team exercise break”, or as an organised activity before the first call of the day.

1. The Almost-Grounded Plane


Starting Position

All agents push their chairs under their desks and take a large step away from their workstations. They then stretch their arms out like wings.


The agents lean forward, keeping one leg on the ground while lifting the other leg and stretching it out directly behind them – so that the whole body is ‘in flight’ except the one leg on the ground. (Those who struggle keeping their balance can hold onto their chair for support.)

Hold for 10 seconds.

Return to a normal standing position and repeat, extending the other leg instead.

2. The Tiptoeing Monster


Starting Position

All agents begin by standing up and pushing their chairs under their desks.


On the spot, agents make over-exaggerated stomping movements – bringing each foot off the floor in turn (raising the knee as high as possible) and placing it slowly back down on the floor – as if they were a large monster tiptoeing away from an even bigger monster!

Continue for 2 minutes.

3. The Grumpy Teenager


Starting Position

All agents begin by sitting in their chairs facing their computer screens.


Agents lift their shoulders to their ears and drop them down in a shrug. They then turn to their heads to the left and repeat the shrug, turn their heads to the right and repeat once more.

Repeat this rotation 10 times.

4. The Blind Scavenger


Starting Position

Agents begin by each placing two items under their desks (near their feet). This could be anything from pens and staplers to simply removing their own shoes.


Agents then return to sit in their chairs and push themselves arms-length away from their desks. They then close their eyes and stretch their arms out under their desks – feeling around until they have successfully retrieved both items into their laps.

5. The Deluded (But Enthusiastic) Rower


Starting Position

Agents begin by sitting in their chairs and pushing themselves arms-length away from their desks. They then reach their arms out (clenching their hands into fists) and lift their legs off the floor – stretching all four limbs out in front of them.


The agents then pretend to be rowing a boat – pulling both fists into their chests (while bending their arms at their elbows) and bringing their legs back to a normal resting position. Arms and legs are then extended once more.

Repeat 15 times.

[Editor’s comment – If you have the space, you could also take your ‘deluded rowers’ on a journey around the office. See this YouTube video for inspiration.]

Here are some photos sent in by our readers from our previous article – 5 Exercises for Contact Centre Agents

A team of agents trying out 'The Hungry Giraffe'

A team of agents trying out ‘The Hungry Giraffe’

'The Flamingo' in action

‘The Flamingo’ in action

'The Hungry Giraffe' before and after

‘The Hungry Giraffe’ before and after

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Author: Megan Jones

Published On: 25th Feb 2015 - Last modified: 21st Jun 2022
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