Ask Customers to Rate Agents Separately to Your Processes

Here is an idea that will help ensure you always get to the real root of a negative customer experience.

If your customers are giving one score to rate their entire experience, it can be hard to understand exactly where your customer experience is going wrong.

You won’t be able to tell, for example, if an agent built brilliant rapport and the process let the customer down, or if everything went smoothly and the agent had a poor attitude. This is because both of these scenarios could receive a less-than-perfect score but generate no clear understanding as to why this happened.

You can overcome this by splitting your surveys into 2 distinct parts – processes and agent behaviour. Once you start to collect this specific information, you can identify where your real weaknesses are and take action to improve them.

Published On: 1st Mar 2016 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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