81% of People Prefer Contact Centre to Call Centre

Contact Centre or Call Centre? Which do you prefer?

Contact Centre versus Call Centre? Which do you prefer?

  • Contact Centre 81%
  • Call Centre 9%
  • Something Else (in comments) 5%
  • No preference 5%

“It seems like over the years “call center” or “contact center” have fallen out of favor but I think it’s good to be transparent. I do think this may shift with customer preferences as omni-channel solutions become more prevalent, but if you are operating a contact center, why not just call it that?” thanks to Jonathan

“With so many digital options now and IVR systems encouraging customers to use them it’s no longer just about calls.” thanks to Alisdair

“Customer Contact” thanks to Adam

“In the world of digitisation and omnichannel, “Call Centre” is outdated” thanks to Charlotte

When we asked this poll in 2012 the results were 60% Contact Centre.

“Customer Experience Centre” thanks to Matthew

Source: Call Centre Helper website reader poll Votes: 192  Date: October 2021

Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 5th Nov 2021 - Last modified: 18th Nov 2021
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