What Is a CTO? – With a CTO Job Description

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We uncover which job role is commonly referred to as CTO and give an example job description, laying out what is commonly expected from a CTO.


CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer. This person is in charge of developing and delivering an organization’s strategy for best utilizing technology.

A CTO will focus on ensuring that technological resources are used efficiently, effectively and securely. This is in regard to both customer experience and costs.

To do this, a CTO will test existing systems, while also considering how new systems and other infrastructure could help their organization to better meet their business goals.

Responsibilities and Duties of a CTO

If you work as a CTO, your day-to-day activities will include:

  • Building the company’s technology strategy and aligning it to organizational goals
  • Working with other departments to ensure that they are best using their technology
  • Pinpointing which technologies can yield the most benefit
  • Testing the organization’s technology continuously and tracking key KPIs
  • Ensuring data protection and that the company is meeting compliance targets
  • Developing parts of quality assurance criteria, to ensure employees are tested on how they are using technology
  • Monitoring the IT budget to ensure funds are being used appropriately
  • Talking through the technology strategy to stakeholders and partners.

The Top 3 Skills Needed for a Call Centre CTO

  1. Technological knowledge – A CTO must be able to understand all the systems used within the organization, while knowledge of the latest technological trends is also important.
  2. Economic – Understanding budgets and being economical in business planning are key skills for a CTO when they are looking to maximize current technological resources.
  3. Analytic – Having the ability to evaluate the performance of technology and run analysis is key for an aspiring CTO. A CTO will also be expected to be analytical when researching new technologies.

Other skills that organizations will look for from a CTO include good communication and leadership skills, strategic thinking and problem solving, as well as an ability to stay organized.

Experience Required

To qualify for the position of a CTO, you will be expected to hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering. This would be expected to be a first-class or upper second-class degree.

In addition, any previous experience as a CTO – or a similar position – would prove invaluable for your application.

Interested in Finding Out More About Becoming a CTO?

If you are looking for a role as a CTO, you may find some interesting vacancies by checking out the websites of the following recruiters:

Author: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 1st Sep 2020
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