New quality monitoring tool launched for contact centres

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A new hosted software solution has been launched to eliminate the need for spreadsheets and documents so that quality managers and team leaders can score agents and track and review outcomes.

The software has been designed specifically for call centres to provide a flexible, easy-to-use solution that delivers improved accuracy, engaged agents and actionable data at a low cost.

Streamlined system improves staff performance

Launched by Sentient Solutions, Scorebuddy has been two years in development and was designed in collaboration with a number of large call centre operators to meet their needs.

Scorebuddy eliminates the frustration and effort of trying to manage and consolidate multiple spreadsheets to produce reports.

The software saves time in the preparation and conducting of agent reviews, one version of the truth, stored centrally with an audio or text file attached to a scorecard.

Scorebuddy completely streamlines this process and for a minimal monthly cost there can be considerable savings in terms of management resources.

Derek Corcoran, MD says “When we developed Scorebuddy, we brought all our experience in the industry to bear and involved clients throughout the project. The result is something unique in the marketplace, a proven, cost-effective platform that both drives quality and cuts management time. It’s a win-win for our customers.”

Fexco Customer Services Direct, Guillaume Py, says: “Soon after the proof of concept period was complete, the Quality team began to get requests from other departments to have the roll-out of Scorebuddy accelerated. Within a few months it was rolled it out across all of our contact centres.”

It also secured better buy-in from the team. “Scorebuddy has increased the level of compliance in terms of quality monitoring in the organisation. More importantly, it has greatly contributed to improving the performance of agents as there has been buy-in throughout the team. We’re delighted with the results.”

Cloud solution makes it easy to start, score and scale

As this is a true cloud offering, it’s simple for customers to set up their scorecards, access and share the information, monitor performance and scale the system in line with business requirements. As Scorebuddy is a stand-alone product, it requires none of the complexity involved with similar proprietary offerings. It removes the dependency on scarce IT skills to modify and manage static in-house solutions.

Scorebuddy can track the multi-media activities that are becoming an intrinsic part of a contact centre’s interactions e.g. email, chat and social media communications, which are not typically catered for in traditional QA systems – because Scorebuddy is so easy to deploy clients can also use it to assess and audit back-office activities such as complaints handling, account closures or refunds.

The software is loaded with practical and flexible features to achieve consistently high quality results. The scorecard builder enables customers to replicate the score cards currently in use or to design something completely new; there’s a library of scorecards to give clients ideas and direction. The scoring interface is quick, accurate and flexible – allowing comments and other feedback. Setting ‘Points of Failure’ quickly alerts to issues that need addressing.

The reporting tool is designed to share information with agents and team leaders. Where clients want to consolidate quality data with other key performance indicators Scorebuddy can securely export daily outcomes to a third-party business intelligence environment.

Published On: 28th Mar 2012 - Last modified: 22nd Mar 2017
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