20% of Contact Centres have a team to Respond Immediately to Complaints


According to our poll, 20% of contact centres now have a team designated to immediately speak with unhappy customers, who voiced their dissatisfaction through surveys, social media etc.

Poll – “In what time frame do you normally respond to customer complaints?” – answers

  • We have a dedicated team which immediately speaks with any unhappy customers – 20%
  • We usually respond within 4 hours – 17%
  • We usually respond within 24 hours – 44%
  • We usually respond within 1 week – 15%
  • We usually respond within 1  month- 3%
  • We don’t respond to customer complaints – 1%

Source: Call Centre Helper Survey – How Contact Centres Are Delivering Exceptional Customer Service (2016 Edition)     Sample size – 350+      Date: March 2016

Published On: 16th Sep 2016 - Last modified: 18th Jan 2022
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