Puzzel Announces New Chatbot Functionality and GDPR Readiness

Puzzel has announced new functionality in the latest release of its cloud-based contact centre solution, designed to extend the system’s multichannel capabilities and help organisations to meet important changes in EU data protection legislation.

Users are now able to integrate third-party or Puzzel’s own chatbots directly into their core contact centre solution to improve first contacts with customers and save valuable live agent time.

Furthermore, Puzzel has made several adjustments to its platform in preparation for the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May this year.

Christian Thorsrud, Product Manager at Puzzel, commented, “Chatbots and GDPR are hot topics in the contact centre world today.” 

Christian Thorsrud

Christian Thorsrud

“On the one hand, innovations based on Artificial Intelligence such as chatbots are creating new opportunities to expand and improve customer interactions, and Puzzel’s latest release is designed to make them a reality.”

“On the other hand, the imminent arrival of GDPR is putting pressure on contact centres to review how they collect and store their own and third-party data.”

“The latest version of our cloud-based software brings renewed assurance that contact centres can rely on Puzzel to provide them with a secure and auditable framework to help meet critical new legislative requirements.”

The key features of the latest version of Puzzel include:

Chatbots – bring your own or buy from Puzzel

Contact centres are able to connect directly to a variety of chatbots from the core Puzzel platform.  Users now have the option to bring their own bot and simplify the integration using Puzzel’s standard integration modules or to buy a bot direct from Puzzel.

Whichever approach you take, you will be able to ensure a smooth handover from the bot to live agents in the Puzzel Contact Centre. Importantly, this keeps humans in the loop for more complex enquiries as the bot technologies are evolving.

GDPR readiness

To prepare contact centres for the arrival of GDPR, Puzzel has introduced new functionality that will simplify the compliance process. It will enable organisations to identify end user data quickly, delete data when requested to do so and easily collect and document any approvals given by end customers calling into the organisation.

Already, Puzzel allows the encryption of call recording files which can only be listened to by downloading them to devices with the correct private key to decrypt the file.

Today’s announcement underlines Puzzel’s commitment to protecting customer data and aiding compliance with external GDPR requirements.

For more information on Puzzel’s complete solutions portfolio and this release, visit www.puzzel.com

Published On: 3rd May 2018 - Last modified: 10th Sep 2019
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