Scripting in outbound calls


Scripting in Outbound Calls
Scripting is a technique that has been used in many outbound call centres to generate a repeatable call flow. Scripting is required in some companies for compliance reasons.

Scripting has traditionally got a bad press as it can make the call flow sound rather ‘wooden’ and inflexible. But more modern ‘scripting’ systems have recognised that a straight-line script doesn’t meet the call recipient’s or agent’s needs.

Desktop scripting systems now:

  • Provide context-sensitive scripts based upon specific customer information
  • Personalise scripts for teams and individual agents to support champion-challenger processes
  • Dynamically route the call process based on the direction of the conversation – for example providing the agent with relevant objection handling prompts
  • Directly integrate with other IT systems to make sure that the agent has relevant information ‘screen popped’ when they need it

Quality ‘scripting’ support can be a significant productivity tool in an outbound operation, delivering:

  • Consistent process conformance
  • Improved performance through shorter transactions
  • Dramatically reduced training time for new staff and new activities

Scripting is widely used in outbound call centres, with around 51% of calls centres using this technique.

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Published On: 9th Apr 2010 - Last modified: 14th Jun 2024
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