What Are the Top Uses of Speech Analytics?


Sean McIver at MaxContact, MJ Johnson at CallMiner, and David Samuel at Contexta360 outline the top uses of speech analytics.

What Are the Top Uses of Speech Analytics?

Sean McIver (MaxContact)

Sean McIver at MaxContact
Sean McIver

For some of the top uses of speech analytics, primarily you’ve got customer well-being.

There’s a focus, especially at the moment after what everyone’s just been through in these uncertain times, to use a standard phrasing.

There’s an element of wanting to make sure that customers are comfortable.

Whether that’s in a sales environment, whether that’s in a retention environment, almost regardless of the vocal interaction, there is a requirement to ensure that the customer is happy.

So there is a huge value placed on understanding what the customer has said, and also what they meant by what they said.

MJ Johnson (CallMiner)

MJ Johnson at CallMiner
MJ Johnson

Traditionally, speech analytics or, as we’ve said, conversational intelligence, has been used to drive operational efficiencies and compliance use cases in the call centre.

Increasingly the same mechanisms which drove those efficiencies in the call centre can be used to improve customer experiences in all different use cases.

David Samuel (Contexta360)

Uses like agent performance and business protection are an age-old one.

Only a small percentage of calls in an average contact centre ever get listened to by either a supervisor or a quality manager.

David Samuel at Contexta360
David Samuel

And unless something bad happens like a complaint or someone mis-selling something, a non-compliance or something like that, those calls just kind of sit on the shelf and they never get listened to.

To try and identify what went wrong usually happens after the fact and the damage has already been done.

Speech analytics today provides a more proactive and automated solution where you can pre-empt situations that can lead to the regulatory and compliance-type breaches.

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Published On: 26th Jul 2022 - Last modified: 15th Nov 2023
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