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At Upland, we’re experts in contact centers. Our products are designed to make your agents’ lives easier so they can focus on solving your customers’ problems faster. Need to supercharge your contact center? We’ve got you covered.


Contact : Danielle Falzone, Marketing Manager

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Upland Software is a leader in cloud-based tools for digital transformation. Upland’s contact center suite of products includes RightAnswers, Panviva, and InGenius. Here is a little more about each of these products:

Upland RightAnswers is a KCS verified enterprise knowledge management software that seamlessly connects your enterprise knowledge repositories with your systems of record. Utilizing AI and machine learning to improve user and customer experiences, RightAnswers empowers agents to boost service quality while reducing call times and saving millions more with customer self-service portals. To learn more or request a RightAnswers demo visit: uplandsoftware.com/rightanswers

Upland Panviva is a knowledge management (KM) system that focuses on providing employees and customers with contextual guidance at their moment of need. Panviva streamlines knowledge delivery, boosts productivity, and helps to communicate critical changes in highly compliant industries as a trusted “guide on the side”. To learn more or request a Panviva demo visit: uplandsoftware.com/panviva

Upland InGenius is a computer telephony integration solution that connects your CRM and telephony systems to provide a personalized customer experience, improving agent efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. InGenius integrates with multiple CRMs and telephony systems and is currently the only CTI solution to integrate Salesforce Service Cloud Voice and Genesys Cloud. To learn more or request an InGenius demo visit: uplandsoftware.com/ingenius

Learn more about Upland Software or request product demos at uplandsoftware.com

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