What Is Average Handling Time (AHT)?

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AHT is the amount of time it takes an agent to deal with all aspects of a call – it includes talk time plus After-Call Work (ACW).

Average Handling Time is a key metric in any contact centre or BPO, as it dictates your Calls Per Hour (CPH) rate. So how do you measure it?

The Average Handling Time (AHT) Formula

The formula for calculating AHT is as follows:

The Average Handling Time (AHT) Formula

Wrap-up time may also be known as Wrap Time or After-Call Work time.

Worked Example

All of the following data can be pulled from the contact centre’s Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system or, failing that, can be gathered from Call Detail Records (CDRs).

The data used in the example below is the accumulation of all the length of all calls throughout one day in the contact centre.

Total Talk Time:  7 days + 17 hours + 36 minutes + 45 seconds = 668,205 seconds
Total Hold Time: 1 day, 3 hours + 32 minutes + 33 seconds = 99, 153 seconds
Total Wrap Time: 2 days, 7 hours +5 minutes + 6 seconds = 198,306 seconds
Number of Calls Handled: 4311 calls

Average Handling Time formula Example

If your ACD system produces an average figure for total talk time, total hold time and total wrap time, there is no need to divide the sum of the figures by the number of calls handled.

Author: Rachael Trickey

Published On: 10th Jun 2022 - Last modified: 5th Apr 2023
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