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Call Centre Helper’s Jonty Pearce explains the AHT Glidepath.

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The AHT Glidepath

The AHT glidepath is the time it takes to reach proficiency in a contact centre. When you come out of induction training you’ll typically have a much longer average handling time than when you become fully proficient.

That period could be anywhere from six weeks to three months, possibly even a year in a complex technical area.

The glidepath is the formula that shows that proficiency happening over time and that glidepath is what’s called an exponential decay.

So here’s an example of an AHT glidepath, in this case, after induction training the advisor has an average handling time of 900 seconds.

After 3 months they’ve become a lot more proficient, they are trailing down to the normal for that group of 600 seconds of average handling time. And what you’ll see here is the exponential decay happening.

You’ll typically find a period, in this case it’s three weeks, after three weeks they’ve reached 50% proficiency, and effectively they are halfway at this level between the 900 seconds and the 600 seconds.

This type of graph is called exponential decay, or logarithmic decay. So to make it easier to work out the AHT glidepath, I’ve made this simple little spreadsheet that enables you to calculate what the AHT glidepath will be.

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There’s three values you need to put in here: you need to put in the AHT when someone leaves the induction period, say 1,000 seconds.

You need to put in the AHT when they’re fully proficient, say 500 seconds, and you need to say what is the time to 50% proficiency.

So I could perhaps put in six weeks and then effectively what this does is it plots out the graph for you, and you can see the number of weeks after induction training, you can see how the actual values have come through, so you can actually put a value onto the cost of training up a new agent.

Author: Jonty Pearce
Reviewed by: Robyn Coppell

Published On: 25th Jun 2024 - Last modified: 8th Jul 2024
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