Engage and Gain

THE DATE: 19th April
Time: 12 – 14.15 GMT

THE LOCATION: The Record Store, 15 Pressing Lane, Hayes, London, UB3 1EP

THE DESCRIPTION: In the modern day of customer engagement on the go, the needs and desires of all involved in your organisation differ dramatically, and as with developments in technology, they can change very quickly. The challenge is understanding fast shifts in needs and requirements before it is too late. How do you unlock this intelligence through the various lenses of your customers, your colleagues and ultimately your company?

CUSTOMERS – How do you really understand what a customer is looking for, wants or needs?
COLLEAGUE – How can you monitor if they have the correct tools and support to deliver on their personal values and the company strategies?
COMPANY – How do you identify bottlenecks in processes or even wasted cost which is driving unnecessary demand?

Join us for a session that will share ideas and materials to help you:

  • Produce a business case for analytics in your environment
  • Identify where you will achieve a reasonable ROI
  • Hear success stories from adopters of this technology
  • Hear industry benchmarking to understand where your organisation sits against the industry curve

THE ORGANISERS: Aspect & CallMiner

THE WEBLINK: https://www.aspect.com/uk/callminer

Published On: 29th Mar 2018 - Last modified: 17th Apr 2018
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