Which Shifts Are Contact Centres Using?

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In our ‘What Contact Centres Are Doing Right Now’ 2022 survey report, sponsored by NICE, we asked 294 contact centre professionals ‘Which Shift Patterns Do You Use in Your Contact Centre?’

Which Shift Patterns Do You Use in Your Contact Centre?

22 Survey Graph Which Shift Patterns Do You Use in Your Contact Centre?
Shift Pattern Response %
Full-Time Shifts 90.7%
Part-Time Shifts 55.2%
Rotational Shifts 32.8%
Split-Shifts 20%
Banked Hours 9.3%
Micro-Shifts (less than one hour) 1%
Other (please specify) 1.7%

Part-Time Shifts Increasing in Popularity

Since last year the number of contact centres using part-time shifts has increased by 17.5%.

With 55.2% of contact centres now using these shifts, compared to just 47.0% last year, the rise in
popularity suggests that these working patterns are proving popular with both agents and employers.

22 Survey Table Which Shift Patterns Do You Use in Your Contact Centre?

Balancing Flexibility

Split-shifts have increased by 2.6%, with one in five contact centres offering this; however, the use of
rotational shifts has decreased by 8.9% to 32.8%.

This suggests that contact centres are working to find a balance in the flexibility and security they offer to employees, whilst ensuring they have the correct number of staff in to meet business requirements.

Further supporting this is the 38.8% rise in banked hours and the 44.4% reduction in micro-shifts, coupled with the 60.5% decrease in contact centre professionals who selected “other”.

This survey was done in partnership with NICE

Published On: 15th Jun 2023 - Last modified: 16th Jun 2023
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