BGL Group Deploys Award-Winning Webchat Capability

BGL Group has successfully deployed an award-winning webchat capability as part of its integrated Self Service Centre engagement strategy.

BGL Group, a leading digital distributor of insurance and household financial services to more than eight million customers, worked with Sabio on this webchat deployment

Working with the customer engagement technology specialist, BGL has continued to optimise its webchat channel so that it now handles on average 25,000 interactions per month, some three percent of overall contact volumes.

The success of the BGL webchat project was recently recognised at the UK National Contact Centre Awards, where BGL’s webchat team was voted the Webchat Team of the Year.

Brian Bailey, Customer Experience Manager, BGL Customer Services, said: “Webchat has become increasingly popular with our customers as it’s an easy and accessible way for them to get prompt assistance and access to the answers they need.

“Without an effective webchat solution in place, we believe that around 60–65% of our chat interactions would otherwise have required calls into our contact centres.

“However, thanks to a combination of the right operational expertise, the latest LivePerson chat software and Sabio’s optimisation skills, we’ve been able to successfully deflect demand while also growing our CSAT score to 95%.”

Webchat for BGL is serviced by the company’s dedicated Digital Operations team in Sunderland.

Following a recent software upgrade to improve the chat experience for mobile customers, Sabio has also supported BGL with ongoing training and operational guidance.

According to Brian Bailey, “Having a focused webchat team and continually improving our competence through investment and training has meant that we’ve been able to increase our webchat concurrency rate from 1.7 to 2.4.”

Daniel Whaley

Daniel Whaley

Daniel Whaley, Sabio’s Principal Solutions Manager for Digital, said: “BGL is clearly setting the standard when it comes to webchat best practice, and we’re delighted that the performance was acknowledged at the recent UK National Contact Centre Awards.

“BGL is differentiating through the quality of its digital and self-service engagement, providing a seamless experience for customers across a range of integrated channels including virtual assistants, webchat and its contact centres.”

The Webchat Team at BGL Group was formed just over 20 months ago and consists of 30 representatives, one coach and one ambassador.

Giving customers the best possible service is BGL’s key priority, but the development of the webchat team has also been beneficial in terms of contact centre efficiency and improvements.

Sabio provides consultancy, design, development and ongoing optimisation services for webchat customer engagement solutions.

The company also partners with technology leaders such as LivePerson to deliver solutions based on its core LiveEngage platform.

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Published On: 8th Aug 2017 - Last modified: 5th Mar 2020
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